I suspect I've been a twerp.

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I fear I've fallen for a computer scam, the sort along the lines of 'Pay us a shed-load of money to fix your machine'. Je suis une clot. :oops: I've texted Frog to let her know that I won't be around until this is sorted so won't be able to update her thread. :oops: If any of you have my email please don't send me anything because I won't be switching it on until I have the all-clear. Apparently I have been 'Trojaned'. We'll see, yes? DD
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    Oh no DD? Is it one where they make you pay to get it back again? Oh dear hope you'll be able to get some help on that.

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    Sadly, this is all too easily done DD. You're not the first to fall for it and you won't be the last. :( :?

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    I have a thread somewhere on here in the archive on how to clear all unwanted Trojans and software not needed.
    Meantime Avast is the best for deleting them.
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    You won't be alone on this DD there's so many scammers about these days its hard to avoid them.