Oh No OH has the flu bug!!

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My poor OH has got the nasty flu bug that I only got rid of last week! I feel awful as he is really poorly with it! And he felt so sick this morning that he actually has taken a day off sick from work. Now my husband never has any days off sick from work, I can't remember the last time my OH had a day off work it was that long ago! I feel really bad that I gave it to him and he's that poorly he's in bed and feels that ruff he doesn't want to get out! So I feel I should nurse him while he's off work and run about for him the way he run about looking after me when I had it. :(


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    Well if you love someone dearly and you're happy with that person then sure you nurse him/her and pamper and run about doing everything to make them feel better. I know I do that :)
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    oh bubba dont go feeling guilty these bugs spread like mad..hope he feels better soon..then you can hopefully get some rest...and OH can get back to work bless him
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    If he has flu it won't be just one day he has off work but I imagine your duties will be light - glasses of water and cups of tea / coffee is usually all that is required. Food can wait :wink: I hope he recovers soon, bubbadog. A sick bloke is the last thing any of us need :lol:
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    Poor you, and poor him. Flu is dreadful. My OH had swine flu year before last and he couldn't even lift his head off the pillow - so unlike him as he's an up and at 'em type. :o

    Hope he soon recovers. :?

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