Arrogance? Egotism? Self-importance?

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I'm not sure which. I don't take offence easily but it infuriated me to read that a US rapper (whom I'd never heard of) insisted at a show in Australia that he wanted everyone standing before he'd begin his next number. "Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking," he added. It turned out that some of his fans did qualify for a "handicap pass" and, rather than being passed over, they were brought to the attention of the entire arena who urged the disabled fans to "stand up, stand up" as prompted by the star.

It sounds horrifically like humiliation of the disabled as a form of entertainment, but I suspect it's merely a blend of supreme arrogance, culpable ignorance and stupidity. Who, on earth, does he think he is?
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    Huge ego, no common sense or common humanity. Appalling behaviour.
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    Well, I`ve never heard of this or read anything about it, but it`s absolutely appalling, and some sort of remonstration should be in order. Unbelievable.
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    That ego must weigh him down..silly you say who is he..
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    It was a horrible situation and he should be ashamed. Why do you have to stand up to enjoy music anyway? They'd paid their money same as everybody else.

    He has received negative feedback and if anybody had any sense they'd boycott his music full stop.

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    Good ol' Kanye West! Insults disabled fans this time, I read about this and saw the video of it. I had to pick my jaw up of the floor! And someone in the audience shouts back at him 'they are disabled in wheelchairs!' And he had the nerve to not apologize and just carried on singing! And it wasn't till a paparazzi said 'are you going to apologize to the fan? ' that he said sorry! And the fan was more happy that Kanye West spoke to him! I think Kanye West should really think before engaging his mouth but I won't hold my breath.
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    There are so many crazies around its hard to keep check of them.

    From what I see in the press, Kanye West is married to one of the
    Kardashians who had his baby and called it North West.

    Says it all really.

    Disgusting though aiming at disabled people.

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    Just plain mindless and dumb stupidity - his music is beyond awful too (and that was as politely as I could put it).
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    All I can say is anyone who thinks they are a God, calls his Album Yeezus then calls his child North West has an Ego the size of a hot air balloon!! The things he has done all get him press which is what he wants.