im new help

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hi there
im new to this im 40 with rhemotoid arthritis and trying to find a local support group in buckinghamshire can any1 help please ? thankyou :)


  • stickywicket
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    Hello superbabe32. You could try looking here . You'll also get plenty of support on here from us :D
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    Hello Superbabe

    Welcome to the forum from me too. You'll find us a helpful and supportive bunch here. Please do join in wherever you like.

    There are local support groups obviously, on the link Stickywicket has provided, if you prefer 'real-life' contact. though many of us on here have gone on to meet up with each other.

    I personally have met folks off here who will be lifetime friends and two of them live really close by.


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Superbabe and welcome, though I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with RA. I felt really isolated when I was first diagnosed, as I knew no-one with RA and knew virtually nothing about it.

    Th National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society ( have a list of regional groups.

    Tezz x