It's my forum-versary; half a decade!

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Tomorrow will mark 5 years since I joined Arthritis Care. :o If there are any members who are new to the world of arthritis, I want you to know does go on. In the years since diagnosis, I have had a complete career change; I went back to college while working part-time, I went to university to complete a full-time degree with 2 placements and more recently, secured myself a permanent job. There have been fun times too; many theatre trips, meals out with friends, spa weekends, family time and so much more. It's cheesy to say that life has been a rollercoaster but is really has. The highs have been very high and as I rode the lows, I had the support of my fabulous AC forum friends. It seems a good time to say that I certainly couldn't have done it without you, thank you. Here's to the next 5 years....!


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    Happy fifth birthday, Sophie! :) it's been a pleasure making your cyber acquaintance and I hope you have as pleasant a day as possible. DD
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    Happy Forum Birthday from me, too, Sophie :D I can truthfully say it's lovely having you here. Your positivity and determination are huge assets in themselves but, no matter how much the arthritis bites, you also manage to find time and empathy for others. I prescribe the glass and cake of your choice :P
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    Happy five year anniversary, Sophie - here's to many more.
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    Happy forum birthday Sophie, yes, it is lovely to know such an inspirational young lady, you are so positive and take all the dross that life throws at you, I wish I had your positivity :oops: here's to more forum birthdays. xx
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    Happy Birthday/Anniversary Sophie.

    Great positive message portrayed by yourself. I always say arthritis is part of me, not ALL of me. I suspect you also take this view.

    All the best

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    Happy forum-versary Sophie! Your quiet determination and ability to action and fight are truly remarkable. You've always made me feel less alone and more OK about things when you have replied to my posts. Your lateral thinking 'dis-eased' comment totally ended that one for me :D Most people without arthritis would struggle to do all you have done in the last five years. A really remarkable person just got her head down and did it...makes me think of the Edgar Guest poem 'Couldn't be done'.
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