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I already have two gorgeous grandsons whom I love to bits and my daughter is expecting her third child. She's just phoned me with the news that it's a girl! We are all thrilled as after two boys we were hoping for a girl but expecting another boy. We've already planned a day shopping tomorrow so I will be looking for something pink and frilly. What also makes it special is that I still have her dolls cradle, originally mine as a child, and her doll's cot, both of which were made by my Dad who died several years ago.


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    Congratulations slosh I am sure she is going to be one spoiled little girl, enjoy your shopping trip tomorrow, hope you enjoyed your spa break and that it has done you some good.................Marie x
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    Spa break was lovely thank you and was the break and tonic I needed.
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    Congratulations to the family.Mig
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    Slosh what lovely news... :D:D I have two sons and was hoping for a granddaughter and now we have you cant wait xx
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    I am, especially as there's a chance she could be born on my birthday
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    Congratulations all round :D
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    Lovely news Slosh - I'm really pleased for you. I think we're complete on the grandchildren front, but like you, we love our grandsons to bits.

    Happy shopping,

    Tezz x
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    Slosh, that's lovely news. In my mum's opinion girl toddlers are a lot more adventurous than boys so be ready! That could just be my two though. Enjoy your shopping trip, nothing like baby clothes to get you all excited about what's to come :)
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    I am so pleased for you all :D

    She'll have two big brothers to watch out for her :)


    Wonderful that she'll be able to inherit the precious things your own Dad made too.


    Toni xxx