Sometimes you just have to be sensible

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Even if you aren't that good at it.
After the girls were born, in a bid to be 'me' and feel like a person again, and whilst heavily confused by a new role of being a responsible mum I had the top cartilage in my ears pierced - like I had had done when I was a fun and free teenager.
They never fully healed - I guess meth and now enbrel made that unlikely. This morning I touched one and it was very gunky so I did the sensible thing to my representation of recklessness lost and I removed the earrings. It isn't the end of the world, it's a bit sad and it's another thing that arthritis took away. Still, I bet it will be comfier to lie down tonight without a swollen earlobe and jabby earring :lol: and I'm sure I can find more fun ways to be reckless!
Hey little fighter, things will get brighter


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    Let us know when you find reckless ways to have fun we could all join in.Mig
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    It can be the "little" things that mean a lot that are the most difficult to deal with. But I have to agree that you did the right thing. Somehow, however much we may resent it we just have to do the sensible thing.
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    I know where you are coming from LV, and you`re bound to feel a little sad, not to mention being angry with the spiteful RA. I`m sure you`ll find some other way to free your reckless spirit!

    I think we all lose something to RA - but we just have to bounce back - at least, I do try!
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    God decision. Give way on the small things. Save t he t rue r ecklessness for stuff that really matters :D Hope it's soon better.
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    Feel for you but , yes , you did the grown up sensible thing . I was always the quirky one when young , always a bit outrageous ! Last birthday in october had a bit of a midlife episode and got my first tattoo at the age of 59 ! So pleased I did and it is a new experience to shock and amaze my 3 adult kids !
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    Good for you LV ,like Mig says let us know when you find more reckless things and then we can all join you..I was tempted to have my noise pieced.. :o:lol: hope it heals for you very soon..x