Things that put a smile on my face today

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But for very different reasons!

FB status from my sister
Fell down the last stair, nothing broken but leg bruised and painful, using a walking stick for a couple of days so I'm stuck at home.

Comment from a young male teacher to me at schoo today.
We were in training and the head mentioned his school days when he coukd remember wooden desks in rows and ink wells.
Mr R turned to me and said "he's showing his age" When I replied that he needed to be careful as I'm older than the Head he looked at me in genuine surprise and said "No!"

Really cheered me up!


  • dreamdaisy
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    Yesterday was a smiley day for me too, first in starting the process of setting up my new Christmas tree and then chatting with a couple of friends over the phone (both conversations involved much giggling).

    Slosh, I can understand why you smiled over your sister - be sure to give her plenty of 'crocodile' sympathy. :| How's about getting her a foldable, flowery walking stick for Christmas in case of another tumble? :wink: DD
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    My neighburs children bent over laughing because there daddy's car wouldnt start think they thought the would have ths day off school..I had to laught at there faces when it did start :lol: bless
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    Two very different but equally valid smiles, Slosh :D but, in the case of the former, I bet it's not long before you get "Now I know how you feel." (Oh no, you don't :roll: )

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