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When I rocked up on the forum after a prolonged absence I posted how I was struggling to face waiting a week before I could have the steroid jab that was going to sort me out and you all, familiar people and new, rushed to support me get through that week. You even counted the days down for me. Little did I, or you, envisage how that week would extend into months and I would become a regular poster and you would all regularly pull me out of the hole. Sometimes it was coping with appointments, sometimes it was coping with pain and often it was coping with people, life and how to deal with everything including toddlers. You had endless suggestions, smiles, hugs and support for me. More than anybody I think you lot pulled me through. Even when it wasn't a post, just knowing that there were other people going through all this, getting these meds, being arthritic, it helped me so much to keep calm and keep a perspective. You taught me patience and you made me learn to laugh through the worst of times. Thank you all, you're magical, each and everyone of you (except for that one celery obsessed one who inspired an entire tripe industry revival). Thank you and merry Christmas


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    LV, I usually agree with you but....

    We taught you nothing. You already had oodles of courage, calmness, perspective and patience. If we did anything it was simply to hug you occasionally until you relocated them.

    We are all regular visitors to that black hole of appointments, pain, people, life, the universe etc etc. You yourself are one of the people who make the forum what it is because, despite all the above, I don't think you ever post for yourself without hanging around to support others, no matter how tough your current situation.

    Thank you in return (as one of the beneficiaries), Merry Christmas to you too and keep taking the tripe – far better than celery or broccoli :hoho:
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    LV I thank you too for sharing your twins with us I look forward to sharing a little part of their lives,but I understand what you're saying the people on here helped me through some difficult times and if I can pay a little back well . . . . Merry Christmas . Mig
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    Oh LV, my lovely one, what a moving post and thank you for your very kind words but, like Sticky, I have to disagree: I've learned a fair bit from you about determination and resilience - and I love your sense of humour. :cheesygrin: You offer support to us as and when you can, which is lovely and always appreciated.

    We all know what it's like Living with Arthritis and all the other complications that come with it - it's a bit like this - d015.gif as we juggle the meds, offspring, spouses, appointments, twerpy family members and how we cope with it all. I cannot relate to the offspring bit but I can to all the others!

    I hope the entire LV clan have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year - here's to a better 2015 for all of us, yes? Take the best care. DD

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    LV I agree with SW you are a strong person anyway so we just helped you along a little..I have always admired how you gave up on your meds to have your lovely girls ...and now having to chase round after them and working from home...I am tired thinking about it...hope you all have a lovely Christmas ..sure you will watching the girls open there presents.. :rudolph: xx
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    You are an inspiration LV. Nothing else to say :presents:
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    Oh LV you are one of the super troopers on here you put in far more than you take out and you do it with style, compassion and humour and I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all the support you have given me since I joined.

    A very Merry Christmas to you Mr LV and your two lovely wee cherubs(hope they are feeling better) Best wishes for 2015 hope this is your year xx
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    Being a very recent member, LV, I can't really claim to have given you any support, but I find you strong, perceptive, and always supportive. I look forward to a prolonged acquaintance in cyber land and wish you and yours the happiest of Christmases.

    :xmas_smile: :xmas_smile:
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    Your strength and determination are an inspiration. Love your humour too. Happy Christmas lovely :hoho:
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    L.V you have been an amazing inspiration and you have always supported us all when we need it so to be a support to you when you have needed it is natural. So I want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. Big (())'s.
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    I have to admit, you post made me a wee bit misty eyed and I feel exactly the same way. I admire the way that, despite your own struggles and your busy life, you always find time to support others.
    Wishing you, Mr LV and the lovely LV girlies a very lovely, peaceful Christmas. :candycane:

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