Here we go again!

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Just back from the hospital now I am back on their books. Met my new Rheumy nurse who was great, approachable, professional and informative and vital to me at least, she has a great sense of humour! Did the 'education' for self injection of Methotrexate with Methoject pen then did my first one with her watching, I needn't have worried about it, really straight forward, got to take folic acid 6 days a week this time to hopefully minimise side effects but feeling oddly relieved to be back in the system. We'll see how it goes. Have a lovely creakyness (not even sure that's a word) free Christmas, rest up people and let's hope 2015 is a peaceful year for us all, xxx. Sue :carolers:


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    Oh that is a good result. Several, in fact :cheesygrin: I'm so pleased all has finally gone well for you and well done with the metoject pen. I hope you will have a much smoother ride in future :xmas_smile:
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    That is great news Sue let's hope this your year xx
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    Hope all goes well. :xmas_lol:
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    I am pleased that you have resumed some medication - the meth pen is a doddle and I much prefer it to the pre-loaded syringe. Here's to a better time for you but it may take some time for any real benefit to be felt. Good luck with it all! DD

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    That sounds a very positive end of to the year and I'll have my fingers crossed for you that 2015 sees you in better health.
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    Wishing you well for 2015 and have a lovely Christmas..x
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    That’s a great news sue. Metoject is easy to use and can make life better. Hope you get on well with it. Getting a good Rheumy nurse is not less than any Christmas gift :lol: . I am sure with right type of care and decision making; you will get better in coming year.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015.

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    Glad your appointment went well and wish you a good Christmas and happy 2015! :rudolph:

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