prolotherapy and stem cell treatments

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Hi All. happy new year to everyone.
Can anybody tell me if they have tried the latest cell treatments. they are currently being used on animals and could be a way of avoiding surgery if they work. I have tried MBST but to no avail and would steer others away from what I found to be a waste of time and money. I will not give up on the alternatives but could do with a bit of advice from either a doctor or others who have tried them.


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    I don't think anyone on here is doing such a thing but I do have a dim memory of someone taking past in some research into growing new cartilage. They haven't posted for at least a couple of years. I know of a woman who underwent stem cell transplants for leukaemia, it gave her an extra year of life but now she is fading fast.

    We live in an age which demands we should be fixed. Maybe in 100 years' time it might be possible - arthritis is a complex disease, especially the auto-immune versions, and research is on-going but I for one won't be holding my breath (or parting with my hard-earned cash). DD
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    Wasn't it Sturge who tried the stem cells???

    I think so.....

    Hope this is relevant SteveW

    Toni xx
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    Sorry cant help, but I was reading all about stem cells ..and it does seem to be the way they will go..the trouble is it takes forever to get the go ahead.. :xmas_mad:

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