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Hi Everyone

I am new to site and looking for some advice.

I was hospitalised at age 12 with a suspected viral infection. I had inflammation of the knee and a painful clicking hip. I was put on traction and pain relief. I was in for several weeks and then diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Over the next 3 years I had several severe flare ups which resulted in long hospital stays, many medications, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and attending school in a wheelchair.

Between the ages of 16 and 21 I had no symptoms and seemed to have outgrown it as the Doctors had suggested.

I am now 36 and since a fall downstairs at 34 I have attended my gp with constant joint pain and fatigue. Each time I am told it is tendonitis or bursitis and given ibuprofen. This does help but as soon as I stop taking the pain returns. Each time one joint is always worse than others. I gp even told me it was just part of getting old :x

I have a bone spur on the inside of my ankle, one on the back of my hand, one on the base of my thumb and suspected spurs on my coccyx and elbows. I am also underweight so not sure if it is lack of padding at coccyx and elbows. All of which are painful.

I have also been treated for IBS for the last 2 years. I also get random shoulder impingement and big toe cramps.

I have been attending a podiatrist for 6 years to get the same 2 corns removed from the soles of my feet. They initially suspected it was my footwear but I have religiously wore trainers or walking shoes since advised to!

My pain is worse as the day goes on and during cold weather.

I am concerned my arthritis has returned but confused as to why my gp has not at least had my joints x rayed to check for damage due to my history of JRA!

How can I convince my gp to send me for an x ray or Rheumatologist? And Can arthritis return after such a long remission?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :D


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    Hi nellym78

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    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

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    Hello nellym78 and welcome to the forum :)

    I was diagnosed at 15 though my RA probably started with what they then called rheumatic fever when I was 11. Between 15 and the birth of my first son when I was 24 my RA came and went but after his birth it moved in permanently.

    With your medical history you should insist on seeing a rheumatologist even if it means changing practices to get a different doc, though you are entitled to ask anyway. Admittedly, the new pain could be OA setting in after the fall if you did some damage but, without recourse to a rheumatologist, you'll never know for sure. Personally, I think, in your case, x-rays alone might not help. You need the expertise of a rheumatologist although, as you will recall, RA pain is often at its worst first thing in the morning and I don't think it is as 'weather-affected' as OA.

    This might help
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    Thank you :D

    I forgot to mention I also have plague psoriasis on all affected joints including tailbone and after reading some similar experiences on here I am more determined to push for both x ray and Rheumatology refferal, I have a feeling I will need x ray to show damage to get referral :!:

    Changing docs is not that simple as we have only 2 surgeries in our village and from what I have heard of the other I'm better staying where I am :x

    Gone are the days where your GP actually cared about the bigger picture and not just treating the symptoms x
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    Given the fact that you have psoriasis then you should definitely be asking for a referral: there are around numerous kinds of auto-immune arthritis including psoriatic arthritis, it's one that is a sero-negative kind so rheumatoid factor won't show in blood tests but quite a few of us on here have it, me included, despite my skin pretty much behaving itself. Arm yourself with a few facts about it so your GP knows you are making a more than reasonable request.

    GPs know a little about a lot whereas rheumatologists know a lot about a little. It sounds as though you could also have OA, the joint damage caused by my PsA has led to OA, and I too am growing extra bone on either side of each knee and have bone spurs on my heels. DD