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As a teacher one of the most important skills is being able to keep a straight face at times. This is why.
I was doing an assessment this afternoon on a pupil with special needs

Me: What is a dinosaur?

Pupil: A dinosaur is an animal that was around in 1998 but I'm not sure of the exact date.


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    Second best quote from a year 6 girl.

    "She just called me Madonna. I'm not an old creaky popstar"
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    Kids - don't you just love 'em!!
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    Oh Slosh, that takes me back! I would love to post my favourite real-life quote but the forum rules forbid: it came from a 7 year old boy in my class of mixed 6 - 7 years old, uttered in St Saviours, Knightsbridge, on a Monday morning as the vicar was wandering down the aisle to 'do' our weekly church service for the whole school.

    My favourite written howler is 'Russians use a Acrylic alphabet.' One of my former pupils called apostrophes 'sky commas' - isn't that a lovely phrase? DD
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    And I thought dinosaurs were extinct :o
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    :lol::lol: blimey that does make em feel old..I'm from the 1950s :lol: I remember a program that used to have children answering questions, it was brilliant to listen to them :D ..bet you get some laughs..