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It's taken me a few days to find the energy to write something.
My story
I started with odd symptoms in my hands which spread to my feet and ankles 18months ago initally I saw a neurologist who after many tests decided that it was probably idiopathic small fibre neuropathy he suspected that it could be auto immune related but said it may take time to show in blood tests.
Fast forward a bit and I had developed dry eyes and mouth and the joint pain was getting worse, finally refered to rheumatologist in January who suspected I had sjogrens but when I had negative blood tests she said no it can't be sjogrens and that she couldn't help me. I pushed her because my joint pain is a real issue. She agreed to do a ultra sound refferal, but she definitely didn't think it was going to show anything, well it showed I have synovitis in my wrists. I am now waiting to hear back from her as my GP said that this is arthritis.
I have seen an ophthalmologist who has diagonosed dry eyes and prescribed various drops etc for those.
So I am in limbo again but I think it's pretty clear that some kind of arthritis is going on.


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    I think you're right, Billy, that you have some form of arthritis. Synovitis can, I believe have several causes. If you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis you'll be treated by your GP and if with an auto-immune form it'll be back to the rheumatologist.

    Diagnosing different types of auto-immune arthritis can be very difficult. Usually it doesn't matter too much as the medication is more or less the same.

    However, your rheumatologist doesn't seem to think you have Sjoegrens so maybe you simply have osteo. Or, indeed, something connected with the neuro problems. I'm sorry it's so complicated. I hope it can be resolved sooner rather than later. What medication are you on?
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    I don't think its OA as there is no degeneration on X-rays and the fact that it is symmetrical in the small joints points more to other types
    However never say never. I just want it managing either pain wise or progression wise
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    You are in a bit of a limbo and that's never comfortable. Are you copied in to get the rheumatologist's report or will you need to see your GP once he has it? Either way, I hope you're not kept waiting and wondering for long.

    I can think of at least two people on these forums who have both neuro and inflammatory arthritis problems and it does seem to make for a very cloudy diagnosis.