Aurora alter tonight

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Hi all just thought I'd pop online to tell you there a very good chance to see the Northern lights tonight, for most of the UK to see them the Kp value needs to be above 7, at this point in time its at 7.3 and predicted to rise to nearly 8.7 over the next hour, night sky forecast is also very good i.e. no or little cloud. Below are two links I use to check on weather and storm flux level.

Good Aurora hunting.



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    think I'm a bit late seeing this Mell.. :roll: but thanks..I am hoping we see the eclipse on Friday.. :)
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    Thanks Mel, there was lots of heavy cloud around here - isn't that always the case when it's something magical? I reckon I'll see the eclipse though, East Anglia is due to lose about 85% of daylight between 9 and 11am whereas in Lerwick (I think) they stand to lose around 99%. DD
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    Well remember to run out banging pots and pans together to scare the sun eating dragon away DD!, sorry I'm being a tad daft aren't I?, we did manage to see it but we had to go all the way to Uffington White Horse hill which is an hour away from here, high up was best as the ground mist was fairly thick, while we were there we got several text alters for the whole of the UK, I'd even been on the radio talking about it at 5.30pm as radio Oxford are holding an astronomy week so I thought I'd give them a heads up, I was bricking it I can tell you but it worked and people did see it thank God, now as you say DD next biggie is Friday!.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Mell, and I'm sorry I'm so late in replying. I did try but far too much cloud cover here. I'd really love to see an aurora.
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    Did I get that right? was our Mellman on the radio? Is he famous?? :?


    Toni xxx