Bone marrow oedema

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Hello! I've had inflammatory arthritis in my knee for 7 years now, and in my hip for about a year, but I was only properly diagnosed in January. I got the results of my mri scan yesterday which said I had inflammation and bone marrow oedema. I know what bone marrow oedema means, but I don't know what I means for me in the future. Does it lead to needing joint replacements? Is it treatable? I can't seem to find much on the Internet and my next rheumatology appointment isn't for another month. Any info would be great, thank you!


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    Hello and welcome from me too :)

    I'm afraid I can't really help. In fact, you're one up on me if you know what bone marrow oedema is :? I've never heard of it. It might simply be that nowadays, when we get copied in for scan results, we are actually being given more information than we have the medical knowledge to deal with. It might be that bone marrow oedema is perfectly normal with inflammatory arthritis. I'm exceptionally ignorant in these matters. I didn't even know my RA had led to OA until a TKR was suggested :oops:

    You could try re-posting on Living With Arthritis as more people look on there. However, I think your best bet would be to make an appointment with your GP and discuss the results with him / her. Also, a month isn't too long to wait in the circumstances so you could also chat it over with the rheumatologist next time.