I got carried away

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In our house pickles don't go in the cupboard ! as hubbys eyesight is a bit dodgy i imagine them smashed all over the kitchen so the jars are kept over the prep side where he doesn't venture ,so there i am chopping veg with my nicer dicer and my eyes lit upon the jar of sweet pickled onions ,i will just have one i thought,it was a new jar and now there is a third of them left !i will suffer for it later ,what have you over indulged in and suffered for it later.Mig


  • barbara12
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    At the min Easter eggs...I only intended eating the bar inside but really got carried away.. :oops:I felt quite sick serves me right.. :lol:
  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh dear, pickled onions are my downfall too together with gherkins in sweet vinegar. I know the acid isn't good for my joints but the taste . . . . DD
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    I hardly ever drink but I've taken a shine to ameretto, neat out of the bottle. It is my way of dealing with things.

    Elizabeth xx
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    I like neat Amaretto too Elizabeth but my downfall is ice cream. I can eat it by the bucket load and often do. And I keep eating after I feel sick. It's so yummy.
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    Fruit and nut chocolate, gherkins, beetroot, freshly baked bread, the list goes on, not much hope for me is there!
  • Kitty
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    My downfall is food in general. :? But I can't eat anything pickled any more with my sore mouth. Beetroot, raw onions, gherkins, brings tears to my eyes now. :cry: But love cooked onions, can't get enough of them. :lol: