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Apart from liver count everything else is ok,liver count was 114 consultant said should be round about 40 recommended that i lose weight :shock: i know i have put weight on but she said to do it slowly as crash diets can be as bad for the liver ,she wants to see that weight has come down when i see her in november.So thats it for 6months.Mig


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    Glad your appointment went fairly well, Mig. I need to lose weight too!
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    My liver is my best feature :roll: so I'm lucky with my ALT counts.

    You'll sort out the weight loss, mig. My solution is always that I can't eat what I don't buy.

    Well done on managing without Mr mig's input :wink:
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    114 - that's a tad on the high side for my hospital, I would have been referred to gastro immediately! Good luck with losing the weight, it can be done, just make the changes gradually and slowly (and don't wear the lead-lined diving boots on your next visit :wink: ) DD
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    Mig at least they have picked up on it, join my club when it come to losing weight...going off your pics I wouldn't say you had much to lose..hope the reading comes down when next checked out.
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    Pleased that everything went reasonably well, Mig. I seem to be in a permanent battle to keep my weight steadyish. Good luck with your weight loss.