Depo injection

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Well, thankfully the large dose of depomedrone I was given last week is making a difference to my joints and me - so that`s a big plus.

On the downside, I have had a rather nasty UTI, for which I`ve just finished my second lot of antibiotics. I fervently hope a third lot is not necessary, as they did not agree with me at all.

One day, I hope to have joints and everything else in perfect sync!


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    I like the last sentence, Tezz. When you do please let us all in on the secret :)

    I'm sorry about the UTI. These little add-ons we do not need. I hope the antibios sort it quickly.

    Good news about the jab, though :D
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    Hello Tezz
    Glad to see the injection has help, long may it continue...and hopefully the infections will ease up you say you need them to sync...good luck
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    I'm pleased it's made a difference - long may it last! I too am sorry about the UTI, I know they can be a right nuisance for some on here so I hope it does the decent thing and goes away sooner rather than later. DD
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    I'm glad the injection is helping. I'm not so glad about the UTI. Nasty. I hope you get that under control soon and things settle down. Lots of liquids until then ((()))
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