PIP appeal won

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I attended my PIP Tribunal hearing today and they have decided to award me enhanced care and mobility. I am more than happy with the outcome and would encourage anyone to appeal their decision all the way to a tribunal if you think they have not made the right decision.

I felt that my case was rather straight forward and I just stuck to the points I have been making since my application. The DWP clearly did not even look at my first appeal in much detail as the representative from DWP today barley said a single word, its as if she knew they were wrong and just sat mostly silent. The doctor who attended was fairly clueless when it came to AS but he did ask some good questions which went in my favour.

The hearing lasted about 25 minutes, I was then asked to sit outside and wait for the panel to make a decision which only took about 5 minutes. They then told me what had been decided and that was the end of the matter. They have also recommended that the DWP review my case in 5 years time. Apparently this is just a recommendation which does not need to be followed and it will be up to the person processing my appeal to implement that or not. I will also be getting a back payment which is something I didn't expect to get.

I'm glad the whole PIP nightmare is now over and they can leave me be for the next 3-5 years.


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    Good :D And well done on persevering. Who knows, having this burden removed might well help with your arthritis. I hope so.
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    I am so very happy to hear this, now you can relax it will hopefully make life that little bit easier.. h040.gif xx
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    Lovely to hear your good news - so pleased for you!
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    Great news, really pleased to hear it.
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    Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so very pleased As5567 :D


    Good job they are backdating too.


    Toni xx
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    HOORAY............ :D well done you on sticking up for yourself. Hopefully it will encourage others to keep going and trust that justice will prevail.

    Deb xxxx
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    Congrats AS, I'm pleased for you and hope you will be able to relax now and concentrate on your health.

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    Great news about appeal, hope this helps others to decide to appeal the PIP decisions. :D