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Hope you don't mind me asking but I know a few of you are nana's or have children - I've been invited to a baby shower in June and wondered if I should take a present. Its a good friend whose pregnant and I would get her a gift anyway but I've never been to a shower before and don't want to be the only one to turn up empty handed !! What actually happens at a baby shower anyway? My children were born before this became popular so I've never attended one before


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    Never been to one either Julie

    BUT the ones I have seen on TV they take a pressie so I would in your shoes especially as she's a very good friend of yours :)

    Toni xxx
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    In the USA (where I think they originated) the idea of a baby shower is for the mother to be 'showered' with baby gifts. To a grumpy old Yorkshirewoman (Yup, that's me :lol: ) this, like that other US custom 'Trick or Treat', is considered organised theft but my US daughter-in-law loved not only her own but also those of her friends. You may wish to go for cutesy baby clothes but my advice would be to head for the E*rly L**rn*ng C*ntre – it's much more fun and you can play with the toys.
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    Or a gift for the Mum to be, some nice bath goodies, there are some nice mum to be and new new mum ranges out there
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    Thanks for the replies. I will probably take something for the new mummy to be . They are not finding out the sex of the baby so I would rather get something personal for the baby when he/she arrives. I'm with Sticky on the Americanism creeping in -my daughter's prom last year was a nightmare !!
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    I'm with SW on the U.S. customs. Why should people be obliged to give treats to kids or gifts at a baby shower? However, these things do become the norm so it would be awkward not to take anything I suppose. Unless you could say, possibly in advance, that you would prefer to buy something when the baby is born. There is also the assumption that a pregnancy always ends 9mths later with a baby - things do go wrong.
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    I would always buy when the baby is born, but alas these things take the others have said this is what baby showers are ..shower them with gifts..such a shame that it has gone like this..PS I have never been to one.. :)