Busy day for NB &co

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I am sorry to be last minute but I have been really busy helping Dad with things, coping with stressed teenagers mid GCSE/A levels and work!!
My Dad has had his pot removed after 6 weeks post broken ankle, but it is still sore and weak. He is glad to be pot free though so he can shower etc!!
He has his next chemo this afternoon too. It seems to be going smoothly, but still a long way to go. He is trying to keep positive which helps me to be positive for him too.
I had my MRI a couple of weeks ago of my hips and got an appointment for mid June. But I rang the appointments people this morning to see if they had had any cancellations for today........and they had!! So I am going for my results this afternoon, and hopefully get some answers to my groin pain around my THR.
If anyone has a bit of spare time for pocket duties it would be much appreciated x


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    Im with you NB. Mig
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    You can pop me in too
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    Sounds like a lot of stress, no wonder your mind is spinning. I don't envy you having to live with a GCSE student and an A level one, you must be tearing your hair out! Good news that your dad is coping, it's not easy but he sounds like his emotional strength is keeping him going. I have to ask, are you Northern? I've only ever heard a cast being referred to a 'pot' up North. The first time I heard about it, I had no idea what that person meant! :lol: Anyway, I hope the appt went well. xx
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    Sorry I'm late to this, NB. I've had a somewhat tricky day myself but I do hope all goes well for everyone concerned.
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    Hi Nearly!

    I hope the results indicate some thing that 'they' can help with :)

    I also hope your Dad's chemo went ok yesterday and all kids are having less stress today. Exams will soon be over


    Toni xxx
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    I hope the results make things clearer for you, and something can be done to help.