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I'm a newbie to this forum - indeed to the whole world of arthritis. Yesterday I was officially diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (I guess there are abbreviations for all these terms which I am yet to learn!). Before yesterday I was burying my head in the sand and did no research on arthritis despite the fact that I've had terrible pains in my hands for a few weeks now. Luckily I was quickly referred to the rheumatologist and so today I will start on Methotrexate. Not sure what to expect but reading these messages on this forum has assuaged those feelings of isolation :)


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    Hello MsEm,

    Welcome to the forums from the moderation team.

    I am very pleased you have found us and am certain you will receive a great deal of support from the members on here.

    Please join in wherever you want to. The forum is moderated daily so if you experience any problems on here please do send us a PM and we will do our best to help.

    Best wishes

    Moderator AC
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    Hello MsEm and welcome from me, too :)

    It sounds as if you've had a very speedy journey through diagnosis. That's great for your future prospects but no doubt very bewildering right now.

    Yes, we have lots of abbreviations. RA is the usual one for rheumatoid arthritis (not to be confused with ReA – reactive arthritis), OA for osteo and PsA for psoriatic. And lots more which you don't need right now.

    Doing no research is probably far less damaging than researching stuff in the wrong places. Mr Google has a lot to answer for. If you want to know more about arthritis, here is good as is NHS Choices (not that we have any choice :wink: ) and ARUK.

    I've been on methotrexate for about 15 years. My advice would be to not expect immediate results (It can take up to 12 weeks), be assiduous with your blood tests and folic acid and hope that this is the one for you. It doesn't always work like that. Some people have to try several different meds and / or combinations but I hope you'll be lucky first time round.
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    Hello and welcome, though sorry you have met the criteria for joining us. Before long, all the abbreviations will be second nature to you!!

    Most people are started off on methotrexate - I took it for quite a while, but there are lots of drugs out there now. Hopefully it will help you.

    Do keep in touch,

    Tezz x
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    I just wanted to say welcome.
    I have OsteoArthritis not Rheumatoid so sorry cant help you but lots of people will be on to help
    R.A. {rheumatoid} and O.A {osteo} :wink:
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    Hello, I am pleased to meet you and glad you have done the sensible thing: no research and now joining us. You are lucky to have had such a rapid diagnosis because I am sure that the quicker one begins the meds the better the outcomes will be in terms of pain reduction and joint damage. I have psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and have been on meth for yonks. I take it in conjunction with some other medication and I know that the PsA is very well controlled, which is the name of this game. I have no trouble at all with side-effects. Take some time to read the boards, especially Living with Arthritis, that is where we deal with questions about the meds, appointments, diagnoses etc. because that is where most people appear. Those who are doing well don't post so it's left up to the old hands for whom the meds are too little too late or are coping with more than condition to try and encourage! I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you all for these wonderful replies! I've gone from feeling wretched to feeling so much more positive about this condition in a few short days, thanks to the support from this organisation, (this forum and a brilliant helpline too)...and I've discovered that knowledge is power, so that has helped enormously too. I will do the rounds on the other forum posts and see what people are saying about diet, exercise and generally living with arthritis.
    Thank you so much! :D Xx
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    A very late hello from me MsEm,

    But a warm welcome :)

    I am so glad you feel so much less alone now. The helpline are fantastic aren't they? They helped me too loads in the early days.

    Hoping to see you posting some more on the other forums


    Toni xxx
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    Hi just joined not officially diagnosed yet although GP thinks I have RA just curious,are systems joint swelling,burning,feeling crap,lack of sleep. The norm as am starting to get peed off feeling like this,exercise daily as I am my wife's full time carer,so need to be fit myself.Sorry if a bit of ramble lack of sleep does this Ha,Ha.
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    Hi Gazman50a,

    Welcome to the forums from the Moderation Team. You will find lots of help and support here, lots of people join whilst waiting for diagnosis too.

    You may want to start a new thread to introduce yourself further, or you may just join in on any of the forums.

    If you need help from us Mods just look up click messages and get in touch

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Hi there Gazman50a and welcome from me too.

    Your symptoms could be indicative of RA but also of other things and, as we're not medically qualified on here, we can't say with any degree of certainty. The important thing is that your GP has read the warning signs and has hopefully started the ball rolling. Blood tests usually come first. These don't give the whole picture but can give some pointers.

    If you do have arthritis exercise is good though some are better than others. While you are waiting for answers it might be best not to put your affected joints under too much pressure ie more range of movement than weights or suchlike.

    If you can keep a diary of symptoms, take photos of any swelling and inflammation and also note any family members with auto-immune diseases that would all help your doc diagnose.

    Does your wife require a lot of 'heavy' care (lifting, pushing a wheelchair etc)? That must be difficult. Can social services help with equipment so that she can be more independent or is that not possible?

    I suggest you start a new thread, preferably on the Living With Arthritis forum. Not too many people look on here and, as you are tacked onto the bottom of someone else's thread, those who do might not see it.