Even if you don't like cricket...

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you might find this amusing
The scene is the Summer Palace in Peking, Boxing Day, frozen lake, inter- Embassy cricket match.
" It was always a tough decision as to whether or not to wear skates, which were fast in the outfield, but made it difficult to balance when throwing the ball. The trouble with wearing skates when you were bowling was that you tended to arrive at the wicket before the ball, although if you were really quick you could do the keeper's job as well and stump yourself."

It comes from a book called Diplomatic Incidents (memoirs of an (un)diplomatic wife) by Cherry Denman, and I can thoroughly recommend it. Very funny and also informative.


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    I like it, daffy!! I`m trying to imagine the scene. Mind you, watching our two grandsons play cricket this summer it`s just about been cold enough for ice to form!!
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    I'm not a cricket person but that did make me smile. Thank you.

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    Me too Daffy :)

    Thanks for sharing it :D
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    I don't think I'd heard of this one before, daffy, so thanks.

    There have been many very odd cricket matches over the years. I think my favourite is the one-legged team v the one armed team. (One legged's usually win.)

    The Primary Club raises money for blind cricketers who play with a larget bal which has a bell inside it. Membership of the Primary Club is for anyone who has ever been out for a duck in any form of cricket. Mr SW wears his Primary Club tie with pride.

    Our local club used to have an annual match between the Over 30s and Under 30s. It was called the Pugh Cup. (Say it and think about it :wink: )
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    love it daffy..and it made me shiver... :lol:
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    What a wonderful tale Daffy. I like listening to the Ashes on the radio, it is so peaceful and the commentators can be really funny, even without the late, great Jonners. :D

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