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I have RA and have had this for 15 years, this year I have noticed I have gone down hill a little, I am on methotrexate and Rituximab although i am only having my 2nd course next month, the thing I have noticed is how depressed I have got this last 6 months, this is having a massive impact on my personal life....any tips appreciated x


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    Hello, which bit are you new too? I'm guessing it's using a forum and not the RA. :wink: I am nineteen years in with my arthritis, I have PsA (psoriatic) and that has led to OA: when that was diagnosed back in 2011 depression hit and hit hard: I went to see my GP and she was pleased to give me anti-depressants (her exact words were 'At long last.') I, however, was not pleased to take them and was determined to have them for only three months. My rheumatologist disagreed, her argument being that if I was stronger mentally I would be better able to deal with the pain. Much to my then chagrin she was right and I now take a small daily maintenance dose of Citalopram; if I forget I notice the difference in my attitude and ability to cope.

    This may not be the answer for everyone but I found it helped me and still does. All our circumstances, illnesses, and the ways in which we are affected vary widely but we all have one ghastly thing in common. I have never had just one or two meds, it's always been three or more so it could also be that you need a review. I haven't had rituximab but I have tried infliximab and Enbrel: I am now on a triple therapy of injected meth, injected humira and tablet sulph. My pain relief of choice is co-codamol 30/500, I won't take anything stronger because I don't see the point.

    I hope someone else will be along soon - not many look in on here which is a shame because we were all new at one point. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello Debsy29 and welcome from me too. I, also, have RA and there's no doubt it makes a huge impact on our lives. It's no wonder it can get us all down at times. Could you tell us a bit more about how it's affecting you and what are the really depressing aspects of it for you? You see, although the pain and fatigue are common to all of us, we're all different and have different circumstances so it affects us differently.
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    Hello Debsy29
    And a warm welcome form me, you will find it helpful to talk to us about it, this forum is very supportive and we all look out for one another..maybe you could ask your GP for help, I took ADs a few years ago and they got me through a bad patch,but there is counseling that your GP could refer you to,,like the others have said it is normal to feel down ..I tend to think it comes in waves..the ups and the downs..hope to see you posting more very soon..
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    Hi Debsy
    I’ve just joined here too 
    I’m not going to even try to give any advice re: depression – all I can say is you’re entitled to feel how you feel and its totally normal to feel a huge impact on all aspects of your life– everything from work to your social scene to your personal life is or can be affected.

    For me I grew up as dancer, that was my first job and love. I went from that to having no balance after being immobilized for a long period and to stepping on and off a phone book, graduating to a low step, graduating to stairs to retrain myself how to walk down stairs normally.. it’s a long, tough journey and you’re definitely going to have days where you feel down.

    If you do feel down – don’t be afraid to voice it. Is it possible it’s a side effect of the changed meds? Maybe they just don’t agree with you. Definitely mention it to your consultant.

    Use your friends and family as a sounding board – I’ve been surprised with how many people can relate to me, even though none of my immediate friends or family have experienced arthritis
    For example, one very close friend has had problems with her sinus’ which has been ongoing for about three years.. completely different health issue obviously but the frustration she feels at just not feeling herself and being run down and fatigued and not always be up to doing everything she wants to do is completely relatable to me. It’s been nice to have someone that can be there and understand when you’re having a day where you’re feeling frustrated and down, for me she’s the first person I go to if I ever feel like that. You may find something similar in your circle

    I love finding other peoples positive stories to inspire me   Maybe you’d also enjoy to read about this sort of thing and draw inspiration from them. One of my favourite stories I’ve come across in recent times is Ben Mudge who is a cystic fibrosis sufferer and, wow, did his story just light up my day when I read it, it might not be your thing but I love reading stuff like this so just a suggestion 

    Hopefully it’s something that can be medicated and controlled for you, wish you well xx
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    Hi Debsy29,

    It's lovely to meet you. I'm one of the Moderators, we all have arthritis in one or more forms so we too understand how it is. May I suggest thinking about ringing the helplines? The phone number is at the top of the page. They can be so helpful and they are experienced in helping people adjust to the diagnosis and the changing nature and impact arthritis has on out lives.

    If you have any issues when using the forum send a private message (pm) to moderator and we will help you out.

    Take care
    moderator Yx