Cant reach my ankle

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Due to a combination of obesity abdominal pain and hip problems it is very hard to reach my ankle to put on a bandage / tubogrip etc

does anyone have any ideas other than asking someone else to help me


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    I think that some of the disability living sites have gadgets for putting on socks which might work for tubigrip? No ideas for bandages sorry, other than a friendly face that you trust with your vulnerability.

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    Hello lotsofpain. It's lovely to see you again but I'm sorry you're having problems.

    Due to the RA in every joint, I've not been able to reach my ankles for years. I use a sock aid for socks and a long-handled shoe horn for shoes.

    I'm wondering why bandages and tubigrip. Would an ankle support do the job? Last time I tried I could just about manage to get one of those on by a combination of pick-up stick, shoe horn and cursing :wink: They shouldn't be left on for a long time though as they encourage the muscles to weaken and that's exactly what we don't need. Also, if you're going to try, Please ensure you have someone with you who could take it off if you can't. The velcro can be very sticky indeed.

    Why the abdo pain? Is your GP aware of it?
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    Like SW I find the sock aid helpful..not sure it it would put on a tubigrip but its worth a try..
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    Sock aid sounds like a rock concert, Band Aid, Live aid , sock aid

    Yes it could be an ankle support. got quite an interestng gel one gel one
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    I was taught to use a combination of grabby stick in one hand and shoe horn stick in the other. Stretch out the sock top between the two and manouver the foot in. I was surprised how easy it was. Works for undies too.

    Its shoe laces I haven't found a way to deal with yet!

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