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For many years, I have had osteoarthritis and have a replacement hip with my lumbar and sacral spine now in the spotlight. The arthritis is just one part of me.

I am optimistic and get a lot of enjoyment out of life. However, being a realist, I am a pessimist about many things. I love cooking, computer games, reading and jigsaws. My hobbies are fairly stationary ones which suits my poor mobility.

Thank you for reading - if you did!


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    Hello, I read and empathise. I have OA which was caused by my other arthritis and like you I too have fairly sedentary hobbies thanks to poor mobility: my toes, ankles and knees are badly affected, the hips no so much but I'm sure they will properly join in at some point. :wink: I hope you find the forum to be of interest, all of us are dealing with the disease and truly understand its impact on our lives. DD
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    Welcome to the forums....I have OA among other things. :wink:
    I've had 2 hip replacements. 2nd one didnt go so well and I am on crutches now, but most of the time I'm an optimist but am going through a pessimistic stage at the moment :roll:

    Hope to see you around the boards

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    Hello alumina and welcome from me too.

    Like DD's, my OA came as a sort of BOGOFF, not that I actually paid for the RA in the first place :wink: I have two THRs and two TKRs but I must be many more years down the line than you are.

    As my username implies, cricket is the love of my life – well, after Mr SW and my family :lol: – and, as I'm a Yorkie, I'm a happy bunny right now :D
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. You are a very friendly bunch of people. 8)

    Like hileena111, I have gone through optimistic stages and pessimistic stages with my arthritis. I find that when I deteriorate, I get down about it and then after a while, a new equilibrium establishes itself and I get optimistic again. Hope you soon bounce back hileena111.