Its been such a long time.....

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I just popped in to say sorry I not been about....

Somebody stole my dog!!!

She was one day off 5 months...She is now two ...You think this bone crap wrecks lives Pup's theft ....Its more than trashed me...

Its taken over my life...Its killing my body that was hard ;-)

I keep recommending this wonderful site so I thought for once I would pop in...

Hey Pup has modernised me...We had to join face book ......mind I uses my middle name...too many folk I don't want to bump into ...side glance at an evil ex lol....

We had to join twitter too...Things I never thought I would ever do.....

Pup now has her own page, her own group and her own twitter account..See how much its taken over my life...The bad side though is the hurt (and huge guilt) goes so deep...The stress has trigger flares left right and centre lol like it would miss that opportunity....

I grovel about walking like a drunken gorilla putting posters up with huge pain, useless neck and crap hands lol...See when you have a huge incentive you can do it '-)

It life...but not as you know it springs to mind...

I promise to pop in more and try to ease back on my obsession...

I got find her but equally I am really heading for a major body breakdown if the rest of me isn't going to lol.......xx


  • hileena111
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    Hi Skiezer,
    Great to see/hear you back again......try to pop in more often and thanks for the pm.
    Apart from the loss of your re you and whats happening in your life?
    Get those large cuppas on the go and have one yourself :lol:
  • frogmorton
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    CRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d040.gif!

    Hoorah :sun:

    g045.gifBrilliant to see you.

    That lot still wander through the café so please pop in for a builder's


    Toni xxx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Well hello my lovely! :D It's lovely to see your name on here again despite it being with bad news. I am sorry about your dog, what a ghastly horrid thing to happen, all I can offer is a fleet of electric-blue copes so I shall go and round them up, give them directions and release them into the wild. Keep an eye open, yes? DD
  • barbara12
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    Cris it is so lovely to have you back with know how I feel about the pup..but you can talk to us lot ..and hopefully we can take some of the burden off your shoulders...heee cant believe it...I hope you stay put :sunny: :sunny: xx
  • stickywicket
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    It has, indeed, been a long time and welcome back.

    I'm so sorry about your dog. I think there's a fine line between doing one's utmost and being obsessive and, if your health is suffering, you may have crossed it. We have enough health problems without inflicting more on ourselves. I understand your desperation but two years is a long time. Maybe time to call it a day so as to preserve your strength for your other waifs and strays.
  • joanlawson
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    Hello Cris,
    It's great to see your name back on here :!: :D
    Although I've been absent from the site for quite a while, I have often thought about you and wondered how you were getting on.

    I'm so sorry that your dog was stolen. Sadly, there are some very evil people in the world :x

    I think you have done absolutely everything you could to try to find her, so you can't do more. You mustn't let it drag you down to the extent that it makes you ill. Easy for me to say, I know, because I would probably be equally obsessive if it were my dog.

    Take care of yourself as you need to preserve all your strength.

  • dachshund
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    Hello Cris :D
    who could forget such a kind lovely lady. this arthritis keeps us together
    we are so pleased to see you back try not too worry about your dog think
    he was found by a lovely lady like you who needed a dog.
    take care I will be thinking about you and your body parts. :)
    joan xx
  • lindalegs
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    Cris HIYA


    Welcome HOME :D:D


    I hope you and your doggie are reunited.

  • barbara12
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    Don't you dare leave us again..if you only pop in now and then..and like Toni says the cafe is always open...((())) xx
  • frogmorton
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    Where is she Barbara?? Not gone again?

    Next person who sees her knows what to do.....

  • barbara12
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    Toni think we had better go and look for her..among all the employees.. d035.gifxx
  • tkachev
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    Hi Skez. It is so lovely to hear from you.

    I'm so sorry about your Dog being stolen. I am currently sponsoring Greyhounds and quite a few go missing and some have been stolen. It breaks my heart. One was stolen from a 9 year old boy during a walk and they phoned the family to announce they would not be releasing the dog.

    So many are abandoned and others are stolen from gardens. You see the posts all the time.

    It is heartbreaking and you always want to know what happened even just to get closure. My cat went missing some 15 years ago and It still pains me.

    There have been some heart warming reunions after years apart though so never give up hope.

    I hope you are managing with everything and lovely to hear from you again.

    Elizabeth xx
  • applerose
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    Pleased to meet you Cris. I've heard a lot about you. All good. I've been told what a lovely person you are.

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