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Hello everyone,
Thank you for letting me join.
I'm sure there are a lot of people on here with much worse symptoms, so I feel a bit of a fraud , but I'm scared.
I'm 46, female.
Have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, both knees, right worse than left.
My mother has lives with rheumatoid arthritis for many years now, and she is a great example regarding staying active etc, but I have also watched her suffer a lot of pain.
I feel a bit young for all this!
Long distance driving has become very painful, and I drive a lot.
GP I saw today wasn't very helpful.
" lose some weight " ( yes I know!!!), " do you want to see a physio?" ( yes please)
Anyway, information = patient power in my opinion, ( and I'm actually a midwife believe it or not), so here I am, looking for something, not sure what.
Thank you for listening to my ramblings.


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    Hello coffeecup
    Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find support, advice and light relief here. There are lots of others here with OA.
    I'm one of the modration team, we all have one or more arthritis "hanger on" or look after family with the same. If you need help with the technicalities of the forum, just get in touch via a peronal message.
    best wishes
    CK Modrator.
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    Hello coffeecup. It's lovely to have you on board but I'm sorry you qualified for our forum.

    There are people everywhere with worse symptoms than all of us but that doesn't lessen our own pain and difficulties. You are not a fraud but I'm sure we've all felt like that at times. I know I have. Oh that first head-clutching moment when I sat in a wheelchair! I daredn't get out in case people thought me a fraud :lol:

    Unfortunately there's no such thing as too young for arthritis. It would be nice, though, wouldn't it? Alas, I'd still qualify nowadays. People stopped telling me I was too young for it years ago.

    I don't know what you're looking for but what you'll get here is empathy, shared stories and some laughs, especially on Chit Chat.

    As for patient power – you might find something of interest here Good luck and please join in anywhere :D
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    Hello and welcome.

    It is all a bit daunting I know. You just have to remember that your pain and worries are just as worthy of consideration as everyone else's. OK there ware probably people in a worse condition but your feelings etc. are still very important. Maybe being in the caring profession will make this more difficult for you.

    When times get tough for me, I remind myself and anyone who will listen that at least I am not dying! It doesn't always work but occasionally it does!

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    Thank you all for your kind welcomes :sunny:
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    Hello, I too have OA in both knees (and in some other useful joints too). Truth be told there is not a great deal to be done, any form of arthritis is degenerative and progressive but the rate of both processes varies from person to person. The GP can offer pain relief and maybe an anti-inflammatory treatment if required, the physio will be able to show you exercises to help keep the muscles surrounding your joints stronger and more flexible so they better support the joints but none of this will make life easier or less painful. Once things reach a certain point then joint replacements may be offered.

    I am sorry about your Mum, RA is a foul beast. In addition to the OA I also have psoriatic arthritis, another auto-immune beast. Of the two I far prefer the OA, it is much more honest in how it presents, its meds are far kinder to the body and eventually something can be done about it. What's not to like? :wink:

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, all of us on here understand what it's like and how frustrating things can be. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello, from a fellow new member. I am very surprised in these enlightened days that so manypeople view arthritis as related to age. My knees have been arthritic since my twenties, not helped by my dislocating both kneecaps, one on the squash court, one in a fitness class! and now my hip has gone west. I am 59 and a bit tired of people shaking their heads and saying "oh poor you, comes with age ..." NO it does not necessarily! I do think that the changes of the menopause play a part, as it affects joints and ligaments, but the underlying cause may well be hereditary, ie. we can not alter that course. Arthritis is in itself inflammatory and can lie quietly for ages before it flares up and we shoudl not be told that is an expected part of getting older. Sorry this wasnt meant to be a rant! - good luck to you and i Hope you get to manage your OA, there is certainly lots of good advice here.
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    Thank you all for your kindness.
    The menopause angle is interesting as I had a total hysterectomy when I was 39.
    Ordered an exercise bike today, thanks to my fab mum who's paid for it.
    She's had RA over 25 years and is a great example on how to stay active and in good mental spirit.
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    I'm probably trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs here as you're in the nursing profession but, just in case you weren't early menopause makes us more prone to osteoporosis so the exercise bike should help to improve your chances there while also helping your knees. (Don't go at it hell for leather at first though :lol: )