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hi thought I would say hello to you all. I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees . I am only in my 40s so was not expecting to get a condition like this until I was older. Looking forward to chatting to you all sharing experiences and making new friends . :)


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    Hi Diamond2,

    Welcome to the forum from all the Moderation team. We all have some form of Arthritis too or look after someone with it so we know where you are coming from. The forum members are the best and will be along soon.

    Do take a look at the other forums and join in wherever you feel comfortable

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. You've already learnt the first hard lesson of arthritis - one is never too young to be affected. This condition cares not for our age, plans, careers etc., it moves in without an invitation and doesn't move out.

    My GP deals with the OA and prescribes pain relief, I also have an anti-inflammatory med to take if required. I rarely need that, however, thanks to the meds for my other arthritis (one of the auto-immune kinds). Exercise is important to help keep our muscles stronger and more flexible, it's better if it's of the low-impact kind such as cycling, swimming or walking. I have OA in both ankles and both knees and it isn't fun.

    I'm nineteen years in now so an old hand at this arthritis malarkey. I prefer to take a low but steady dose of pain relief on a daily basis, I get by on four 30/500 cocodamol; they don't remove the pain but they dull it sufficiently so I can get on. Pain is a frightening thing when one is not used to it (it can also be pretty scary when one is!) but all of us on here are familiar with the trials and tribulations that this range of conditions brings, we understand the ups and downs.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest and a good source of useful information. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello and welcome from me, too :D

    I can't add much to what DD has said but I'll look forward to seeing you around on the other forums.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum from me too. I am nearly newish ( have not been on the forum too long myself). There is lots of good tips and advice on here and it is a good place to have a rant if that is what you need. I have OA in my knees, I also have it in other joints and other health issues and like you it is difficult at first being so young (I am 34), trying to get your head around something that you did not think would be an ailment at this age. It is an emotional journey, anger, frustration...acceptance. Anyways will see you around the forums :) becks
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    Thanks for the warm welcome . Looking forward to chatting to you all :D
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    Hello Diamond

    Lovely to meet you, but sorry about the OA :(

    I know it is young to have it, but there are folks who get it much younger. My own back problems first knocked me off my feet properly at 23, although looking back to my childhood I can remember my sister rescuing me when I got 'stuck' as an early teen.

    Since then lots has happened to me with the addition of an inflammatory arthritis in my very early 40's.

    One of the best treatments for arthritis of any type, (there's no competition here - they all hurt!), is distraction and a good laugh or chat with friends is the very best :)

    Please do take a look at the other forums and join in.


    Toni xxx
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    I forgot to put I have CFS and FM as well as OA so find it difficult to do lots of exercise but I am sure I will find things that help as I go along.
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    Hello Diamond2 and a warm welcome from me..
    You do have a lot going on, but glad you have joined us..I am sure you will find the forum very helpful..and we all like to support one another.. :)
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    Hi Diamond
    Welcome to the forum. I have OA ......2 total hip replacements, OA in lower back, ankle, spinal stenosis, kypho scoliosis etc :lol:
    I'm older than you so it must have been a shock but as DD says it is no respecter of age.
    As for exercise.....I'm on crutches permanently but can still do sitting exercises. Our arthritis care branch to Yoga {seated} Zumba {seated} although some stand, others stand part of he time then sit and others like me that would fall on their bum if they tried it stand sit all the time.
    We have walks once a month. That involves with aid or without aids. Some with sticks, some with crutches, some with walkers.
    At least it gets us out into the fresh air and its a social day.
    When you get to grips with your arthritis you'll find some exercises that you can do that wont harm.