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I have never done this before but finally feel I could do with some support!
I have had OA for years and got a new knee before 50 amazing. In March 2014 diagnosed with RA after months of pain etc.
I feel I am really struggling as the drugs don't seem to be helping that much.
Sorry I don't usually moan but finding things tough right now hence giving this a try with people who know what it feels like. Thanks


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    Hi Grangi

    Welcome to the forums where I'm sure you will get a lot of help and good advice from all the lovely people on here.

    It is a little quiet being the weekend, but I'm sure that someone will be along shortly to help.

    We are here if you need any support to do with using the forums. Many of the mods have some of the many varieties of arthritis and we all know about the feelings that go along with having it.

    Do read and post across the different topics that you will find here.
    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Hello Grangi and welcome from me too. I also have RA and OA but my OA arose because of many years of RA before DMARDS were available.

    Which meds are you taking? I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine for the RA. Maybe you need to ring your rheumatology helpline to get your meds changed or increased.

    Sorry, I'm in a bit of a rush – cooking for my sister's visit – but I'll be back :D
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    A very quick welcome from me too Grangi.

    Sorry you are feeling so grotty - we do understand yes.

    I am certain you will get lots of support on here as I have over the years.

    Have a look round the other forums and join in everyone will welcome you :)


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Grangi
    After I was diagnosed with RA it took a bit of time to get the right meds for me. I agree with Stickywicket that phoning Rheumy helpline to discuss meds would be way forward. Hopefully they will be able to help.
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    Hello, nineteen years ago I began an auto-immune arthritis and the joint damage that caused led to OA, diagnosed in 2011. The drugs for the former do nothing for the latter but why would they? They are different beasts albeit sharing the same umbrella-name. I know they are helping the auto-immune because my bloods are lovely but I feel no physical benefit - I used to get a few days of slightly improved mobility but now? Nothing.

    It can take a while to find the right combination of meds to help matters but from reading on here those who experience being virtually symptom-free are very few in number. I used to have high expectations of new meds but now I don't because auto-immune arthritis is a tricky beast to subdue. It is a demoralising and debilitating disease, it affects us both physically and mentally. Over the years I've taken sulphasalazine, tablet meth, leflunomide, cyclosporine, infliximab, Enbrel and humira but because it was all too little too late not much has improved - in fact anything but! :) I think it true that the sooner one begins the meds the better the outcome can be but finding the right one or combination of meds is not easy. Many of us have been in your situation, we understand how difficult it is. DD
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    Hi all wow so many of you welcomed me already thank you so much for that it means a lot. I am on Sulphasalazine and methotrexate at the moment and think I am due a review in the near future so will hang on till then I think.
    It's very sunny and autumnal here today which always helps to lift my mood. Thank you all again and I wish you all a sunny good day.
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    Sunny here too :sunny: We even sat out for a glass earlier.

    Maybe you could ask your GP for some pain relief - or for some stronger pain relief - while you're waiting for rheumatology. I find the latter are so busy these days that appointments are usually a couple of months later than they say they'll be.

    Meanwhile join in on some of the other forums :D