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I'm used to discrepancies of an hour between computer clocks and domestic ones but the gremlins seem to have added an extra tweak on here. Apparently it's now 00.36 on 7th Nov, but my clocks reckon it's 23.36/ 11.36pm on 6th Nov....


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    This is a lot for my small brain to cope with daffy.....

    but feels creepy!

    are you back with us in 'normal' time now??? :shock:
  • daffy2
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    Ignore me, I should have been in bed like I'd originally intended....!
    What I wrote wasn't what I'd noticed ( I thought there was more than an hour's discrepancy) and what I'd noticed had a perfectly simple explanation(post details are historic not real time).My brain caught up as I was dropping off to sleep when it was too late to do anything about it, hence this very public evidence of my mental incompetence.
    Mind you, even though I know why it happens, it's still a bit weird when the computer thinks it's tomorrow and you're still in today. I've been struggling this year with the time change for some reason, not helped by going through one of my 'it's OA but let's have a major inflammatory episode for fun' periods, which has set off fibro and IBS.
    Time for breakfast and revising the day's plans in view of the weather....
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    Oh Daffy, that has made me chuckle! Mental incompetence? You? Far from it, we all get the odd mental glitch, it's one of the 'joys' of life. Time is an artificial construct, who decided what time it it is anyway? I know I am heading towards my favourite time of the week, 10am Saturday morning. I love it because Friday night has been and gone but the rest of the weekend beckons . . . . . smashing! DD

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