Sometimes things go unexpectedly right

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I got a new podiatrist this morning. Bright, chatty with a sense of humour. Just my type.

She noticed the huge lump under my foot (which is, apparently, a bursa), Well, she could hardly miss it. This is the lump that resulted in the electronic foot scanner insisting my foot wasn't a foot. It's the lump that requires my shoes and orthotic insoles to be excavated in order to accommodate it. It is quite a humungous lump. Not one of my better features (whatever and wherever they are). And one I've just kind of taken for granted and learned to live with.

But the new podiatrist asked if I'd ever had it drained. Nope. Didn't know I could. She wasn't sure. And, even if I could it'd probably return as it's there for a purpose - to protect other out of place bits. However, we decided it's worth a try. so she will set the wheels in motion.

What a nice surprise!
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    That does sound like potential progress - imagine live without your underfoot lump?! Don't imagine just what may be drained out of it. I do hope she can do something though and if so, that she can find a way to plug the gaps in the pre-excavated shoes.
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    I hope something can be done to ease it, Sticky. It does sound very painful.

    I imagine this means you are home now from your trip? I hope you had a wonderful time :D
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    That sounds good, Sticky. I hope it makes you more comfortable.

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    Thanks everyone. My expectations are low but it's nice to know there are even possibilities :D
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Since a bursa in other places can be drained, Sticky, I hope yours can too.
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    Hi Sticky
    Sounds like you had a very thorough podiatrist. Hope it makes you more comfortable, and your foot more recognisable to scanners! :lol: