pocket duties please

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I am off for 2 appointments tomorrow. The first in the morning, to see a dermatologist. Not sure what outcome i will get there but I will go.
The second is my review with my orthopaedic consultant following my recent fall causing wires around my RTHR to snap. I am improving slowly, but am still getting sharp shooting pains when I walk further than pottering indoors. I am also still getting the neurological problems eg numbness and burning in my leg and foot. I have an MRI booked now on 20th December (a Sunday)
I am nervous of seeing my ortho as last time I went he said we will see you in 3 months ( not yet!!) and then yearly if things have settled. Oopps! silly me falling :roll: :oops:
Mr NB is coming with m, but any other support is greatly appreciated.


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    Of course you have my support, NB. You didn't seek to fall and, presumably, you didn't fall as a result of skateboarding, snowboarding or hang gliding :lol: Ergo, you are not to blame and no orthopaedic bloke worth his salt would attempt to blame you. I hope all goes well.
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    Hi NB will happily do pocket duties tomorrow.I don't mind cancelling my skateboarding and hang gliding lessons (snow boarding has been cancelled due to absence of snow!).
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    I'm working tomorrow but will be thinking of you.
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    I'll be there, NB. I hope it all goes well for you.

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    hope all goes well tomorrow .. and count me in xxx ill be thinking of you xxx
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    Hope everything goes okay today, keep us posted.