How is the abattoir?

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That's the question my friend just asked on the phone.

The reason? I'd emailed her and explained how, in the supermarket this morning, Mr SW had spied and bought an enormous beef joint. It looks beautiful and was only £9 and he pointed out he cold freeze half of it.

Unfortunately, Mr SW is a bloke so he wanted to cut it there and then, in our small kitchen, while I was still unpacking and putting away. Useless to ask him to wait so I simply requested he put lots of kitchen roll underneath and around the chopping board to soak up the blood.

He's a bloke. He does things the bloke way. No kitchen roll necessary. Except, of course, it was. Fortunately I was down to cans and jars by then but was also trying to brew up.

He mopped up some of the resulting pool of blood, carried the dripping kitchen roll over to the sink (across me, his mug and the coffee jar) and then squeezed blood into, onto and around the washing up bowl. There was blood everywhere including in his mug.

I was so, so tempted to leave it there.


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    As you say, he`s a bloke - explains everything.
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    Nuff said.
  • Boomer13
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    Good grief, sticky, that is the man's way indeed.

    I've come to dread mine offering to do the cooking. :o
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    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stickywicket that is GROSS!!!


    But I can imagine my own doing something similar - so stubborn and won't be told!!
  • GraceB
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    Well that got my attention!

    It does seem as though the male of the species have a completely different approach to us ladies. We'd have prepared and had the necessary equipment ready ...

    I truly hope your kitchen no longer looks like there's been a murder committed.

  • villier
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    Oh Sticky I am so glad none of my partners were domesticated as I would have made them wear the joint of beef :lol: xx
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    There's nowt wrong with a drop of claret here and there :wink: but yes, gallons of it plus the 'I have to do this NOW' attitude grates as though waiting for a few minutes would make any difference to the freezing process. :roll:

    That reminds me of ne of my favourite children's book titles, it's something similar to 'I absolutely have to do some colouring now.' Oh the urgency of childhood! I miss it. :( DD
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    My OH is exactly the same has to cut meat in half to use for two meals! Any meat, he even cuts the sausages in to several bags ready for meals. It must be a caveman thing! I can only imagine what your kitchen must have looked like! A scene from the movie SAW! :o
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    :shock: :shock: men's brains are certainly different from ours..its just a matter of getting used..I never have.. :roll: :lol:
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    Unfortunately you don't understand us men's infallible logic and strategy.................. :roll:
    By making a mess in the kitchen it encourages women to do a bit of cleaning rather than keep leaving it to us men............ :lol:
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    I bet he didn't wash his hands either!


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