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Well it's that time again. On Monday I go for yet another operation. This time it's to remove bone from my hand. The lower thumb bone. Has anyone had this option and how did it go. Not looking forward to not being able to do things with out help for a while and not being able to drive. How long do you have to imbolise the hand for. Lots of questions but if you have had this op you will know what I mean. So any advice would be helpful. Been off my meds now for a week (hospital instructions. They are blood thinners) just getting to the point where the pain in the rest of my body is getting unbearable.
Merry Christmas to everyone. :carolers:


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    Hi Littlekath :)

    Best of luck to you for your procedure :xmas_confused:

    Good thing to be off your meds - safety first :)

    I hope all goes well for you


    Toni xxx

    PS have you also posted this on living with arthritis forum?? Just in-case more people over there have had this operation.
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    hello littlekath
    I think its called a trapeziectomy, I am down for it to be done, but other ops will come first, we do have a couple of people on here that have had it done, if they dont see this, I would put a search in the box at the top
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    Hi yes. I have found the other entries. Very informative too. Yes I had other operations first. Had this one on hold but got to the stage where I had to say no more. Waiting for my 3rd knee replacement. Second leg straightened. Other thumb doing and carpol tunnel both hands. Ankle last. Got enough planned to keep me going into my old (old) age.
    What does a day without pain feel like.
    Got to keep smiling. At least I an healthy.