Creaky Christmas

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Happy Christmas, my lovelies. :candycane: I'm sorry that I've been MIA for a few weeks, it's been busy. I think my RA is trying to start a new tradition as it's decided to flare up again for the holiday season. I'm creaking around the house, groaning at regular intervals. However, the main creaker (apparently not a word!) is little dog whose arthritis is giving him a lot of grief at the moment. I grump and he growls. :lol: Despite this, it's been a very nice Christmas so far and I have some fun plans for the next few days. Hope my fellow forum friends are as well as can be, creaky joints and all.


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    Hope the season continues to be fun....I fear the other creaks you can hear are my joints, and the grunting sound is me trying to get moving every time I rise from sitting!!! :xmas_confused: But heyho.... wonderful family time, delicious food aplenty and masses of stuff to be incredibly thankful for.

    Deb xx
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    Just to add both my best wishes for a happy Christmas and my creaks/groans/grunts.
    Maybe we should form our own orchestra?
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