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Hi everyone, I'm new on here. Now 13+ weeks since trapeziectomy with LRTI. Definitely improving but thought I would be further on by now!


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    Hi staffa

    Welcome to the forums where I'm sure you will get a lot of help and good advice from all the lovely people on here.

    It is a little quiet being Sunday evening, but I'm sure that someone will be along shortly to help.

    We are here if you need any support to do with using the forums. Many of the mods have some of the many varieties of arthritis and we all know about the feelings that go along with having it.

    Do read and post across the different topics that you will find here.
    All best wishes
    Mod B
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    Hi staffa. I've not had a trapeziectomy but there are several current threads on them both on this forum and on Living With Arthritis. Check them out and, if you need more replies, try posting on LWA as more people lok in there. Good luck!
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    Thank you both. Just trying to work my way round this site! :)
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    Hello, I've not had a trap. either but the feeling that you should be further on post-op than you are is a familiar one - I dealt with it by remembering how things were before and immediately-post op; when one is in the middle of it all it is very hard to gauge one's progress.

    What kind of arthritis ails thee? I am one of the 'lucky' ones in that I have an auto-immune plus OA. DD
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