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We had fabulous few days ,the highlight apart from seeing the grandchildren was going into london to see Billy Elliot what a stunning show ,we then went to F&Bs for tea grandson had a huge pizza and I watched in disbelieve as it disappeared ,there wasn't a crumb left,we had to go on the underground(which i hate) grandson was put in charge of me he held my hand which hasn't happened since he was a toddler must say I had a tear when he asked if I was alright,where have all the years gone.Mig


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    Aww Mig you have such a lovely family..and glad you had a lovely time..time seems to speed up even more when it come to GC...bless I bet you felt so proud of him...
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    Sounds as though you had a wonderful time.
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    Isn't it lovely when they start to take on the adult role?

    I recall when No1 son was departing for uni and he hugged his younger brother - a first, but fortunately, not a last.

    Glad you had a good time, mig.
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    I'm pleased you had a good time, Mig, and yes, the underground is scary: everything (and everyone) moves too fast. DD
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    Glad you had a lovely time. First our kids then our grandkids grow up way too fast. You must be very proud of how your grandson looked after you.