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Having to decide between methotrexate and sulsfasalazine . Would appreciate any input on experiences with either or both drugs.


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    I take both. The meth is less 'invasive' in that its a few tablets once a week (best taken at night) whereas sulph is daily and usually builds to a twice daily dose. I've been on sulph since 2002 (my only side effect from that was bruising and I still bruise easily) and changed to injected meth due to a skin reaction to the tablets. I have no trouble with that at all although every now and again I feel very tired the day after the jab.

    My experience is that the meth is slightly stronger so is more likely to help matters. Mind you I have a friend with the same auto-immune arthritis as me (psoriatic) and he is controlled on six sulph tablets per day. You won't know what suits until you try but whichever you opt for I hope it does enough. DD
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    I've taken both. Sulf did not make me feel very well with bad headaches and also caused a vestibular problem for me (I think this is a very rare side-effect). I no longer take it. I still take MTX and it makes me very nauseous but otherwise is ok. I have PsA.

    It may ultimately be a case of which drug your body will tolerate or, which side-effects you can tolerate.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum from me, sorry I wont be any help with the meds but I see the others have given you some advice..I hope to see your name around the forum..
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    I've never done sulph. Taken meth for many years but it really does seem to be a Tweedledum and Tweedledee thing.
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