Still trying to be patient ...

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Wow just checked and it's been 16 months since I last posted....

When I joined I had just been diagnosed with psa and started mtx. Unfortunately mtx hasn't really helped me much (at all?) after running through the usual less than delightful options (leflunomide, plaquenil) I eventually got to try enbrel. For some reason this caused an allergic asthma reaction in me so finally have started on humira. 2 injections down and no difference with pain although seem to have more energy - just in too much pain to do anything with all the extra energy.

Keep reading about those who have been helped quickly (obviously knew that wouldn't be me!) and really trying to stay patient and keep going with it! I know - what other choice do I have? I just find it so frustrating to try one thing after the other with no change at all. I know I've posted about flares before but I get a regular flare every 3 weeks (different part of the body most times just to keep me guessing). They literally floor me for 3-4 days then just as suddenly depart. Others have talked about flares as being long lasting so am I the only one who has these? Hospital say they definitely are psa flares as inflamed hot - all the usual lovely things .... Oh and once they're gone the affected joint is always left feeling a bit less good if you know what I mean?

Anyway nice to be back - only sorry I don't have anything happier to report...


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    If you read merri's thread below you'll see that she's very meds - resistant too but has tried seberal more. I hope you can both find the one with your nqme on ot. Good luck!
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    Welcome back Frumpyshoes :)

    I am sorry you aren't too great, but am pleased to see you.

    I too hope 'they' find something to help you sooner rather than later.


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Frumpyshoes,
    as stickywicket mentioned you might like to look at merri's post. Here is the link for you
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Frumpyshoes

    Welcome back, sorry to hear you are still going through the experimental stages with meds.

    Hang in there!!

    God bless