Re: Pocket duties for MRI, please?

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Hi Guys, Still slowly recovering from Fall and injury but I need people in my pocket for my left foot & ankle M.R.I scan on Tuesday. It's late afternoon. The scan is to help my Orthopaedic Surgeon make a decision on whether to fuse my left ankle or not. But since my accident I'm going to push for it to be done.


  • barbara12
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    Count me in bubba..hope the results are good..x
  • prefabkid47
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    I will be there for you bubba.Will jump out of your pocket and sit and watch however,since it's a bit cramped in the MRI tunnel,even for one.......... :!:
  • Megrose2
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    I'll be there, Bubba. You don't mind if I bring my own music? Hope that things go well for you.

  • mig
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    I'm ready Bubba,good luck . Mig
  • hileena111
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    Hi Bubba
    Count me in as well

  • dreamdaisy
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    Good luck, I hope it isn't too uncomfortable for you. DD

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