Toe inflammation

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Hi all,

Hope you can help, think I'm going thru a flare at the moment everything isn't happy but I have a new joint playing up !

It's my big toe! When I woke up this morning it felt like I was walking with something stuck to the underneath of my top toe pad! Closer inspection nothing there was def swelling over the day it's subsided. However my toe looks redder than the other. Could it be my arthritis ?

About a year ago my toe nail became bruised like I'd dropped something on it ! ( I hadn't to my recollection), wondered if it was linked ? Xx

Thanks in advance !


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    Hi Lynnemarie, I suffer a lot with my feet so I understand a little. It could be a few of things, it could be you have an infection in the toe or have you banged your foot or toe lately? as you may fractured or broke it. It maybe worth seeing your G.P as you need to rule a few things out because when it comes to pain or inflammation it could be anything!!
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    Hi Lynnemarie,
    so sorry to hear your news toes can be very painful. As bubbadog suggested it would be a good idea to go to your GP and get some things ruled out.
    For information you might like to look at our page on Gout
    It states the following are risk factors for gout:

    if you are very stressed or have had an illness
    if you injure or bruise a joint.
    If you are prone to gout, and you have more pain in a joint than you would expect after a minor bump, it could be an attack coming on, so get treatment straight away.
    However it may easily be something else. You can phone our helpline for more information and an informal confidential chat free on 0808 800 4050
    Best Wishes
    Moderator Sharon