It's six years yesterday since I left my job

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My first thought when I woke up yesterday was it was the date six years ago that I went home unable to do my job. I guess it still bothers me. Back then I thought I'd be off work for a few weeks, ha! Little did I know what was coming and that my wrist pain was going to be only a small part.

I'm thinking of all of you today that are dealing with this. (((((())))))


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    Oh honey. I am so sorry but understand how you feel. This damned disease takes so much and gives little in return, yes? ((( ))) xxx DD
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    Thinking of you. I've ben thinking along similar lines to you as it's coming up for three years since I first went to my GP with a painful neck. So glad I didn't know what was to come, I remember being upset at being told it would take (a whole) 6 weeks to get better.
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    I still think back to when I worked a lot because it still upsets me that a illness could be so cruel. I miss doing my job. But the way I was released from my job was so nasty, by letter! And in a funny way karma came and turned it around as I read in the paper end of last year that the company had shut due to massive debt!! But I do still miss being a P.A.