Severe fatigue causing grief!!

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The last couple of weeks I have been feeling extremely fatigued to the point of actually falling asleep mid conversation with OH!! I spoke to my G.P about it yesterday and she thinks it could be a few things including, a flare up and due to my bump on the head. So I'm going to have a full blood check and see if it shows anything. Yesterday I had a rest day and a lie in till 10am and I was still exhausted by 7pm and went to bed for a sleep and didn't wake up till 9pm then went back to sleep at 10.30pm and didn't wake till 7am this morning!!


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    It always does but it's part-and-parcel of the condition, yes? No doubt the fit and the bump are also contributing. Rest as much as you need and I hope things improve soon. DD
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    It could be all manner of things but your GP is on to it and that's good. I hope there's a simple, and easily dealt with, solution.

    You have reminded me that Mr SW has always had the ability to nod off mid-conversation. Usually it's when I'm speaking :roll: but once it was in the middle of his own sentence :lol:
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