Another visit to vampires done!

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This morning I went to visit the vampire for more blood to be taken, she noticed on my notes that my blood sugar was a little erratic when I had the accident so thought it would be wise while I was there to test me for Diabetes as it had been a while since they had done it and with Diabetes in my family, so she has done that as well as test for other things due to my severe fatigue. So a lot of vials filled this time!!


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    Well done on surviving multiple vials :wink: We'd all rather not need the regular bloods. In fact my poor phlebotomists would rather I didn't need them too as I don't part with it easily :roll: However, they are so vital and useful and, really, without them, we'd all be in trouble.

    Vampires? Never. For my money they are kind, caring members of my health support team.
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    I understand how unsettling the multiple vial thing can be but it shows they are checking everything, yes? In my experience many phlebos have the vampire-themed stretchy-tightening band but trite is not the word. I hope your results are good and thank you for reminding me that I need to do some bloods within the next week. Thanks to you it's on my calendar! DD