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Hi looking for a bit of advise, regarding walking poles/sticks. I have arithris in both knees moderate oestoarithitis in both hip and also at base of thumb. I am a Cub leader and finding wallking with group is difficult sometimes as seem more tired in legs and knees. Considering getting poles but unsure best type anti shock or not , two poles or one. Any advise appreciated.


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    Hi caz. I'm way beyond walking poles but my husband, a keen walker, swears by them especially for going downhill.

    If you put 'walking poles' into the little search facility (above right) several former threads come up. Good luck.
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    My husband uses walking poles when he heads for the hills, & finds them very useful. He always uses two.

    In my pre- RA days I used to carry one when I walked our dog, purely for ' brandishing ' after a pit-bull terrier had a go at us one day.
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    If you are affected on both sides then you need two and definitely the anti-shock kind. I bought a sprung pair but had to ditch them because the vertical grip is at the wrong angle for arthritic hand joints. I have OA in both knees and both ankles (and in my hips too) but find I need crutches for shorter distances and a rollator for longer (which won't be practical for you). I hope you can find something to suit your needs and remember that your hands should be at hip-height for maximum comfort. DD