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We've just had the family staying for a few days and, according to my 9 yr old grandson, my pick-up stick is cool, my key-turner is cool and my wheelchair is always so cool I've come to dread the words “Can I have a go with Grandma?” :shock:

I happened to mention that, when we move house to be near them in Scotland, I plan to get a mobility scooter. His eyes sparkled with delight at the coolness of that. I'm starting to feel a little hot under the collar :too-hot:


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    It's the ultimate accolade to be cool - our grandsons were like that with the stair lift until the novelty finally wore off.

    I got a compliment too at the weekend, when we had the family - according to my 9 year old grandson, my sausage rolls were 'well good.' Given that I'm no Mary Berry I was quite pleased.
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    Sticky, we always knew you were cool
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    Granddaughter when asked by granddad what have you done at school today she answered " school stuff " :shock: I used to be cool now I don't play the right computer games. Mig
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    Congratulations! When I showed my 4 year old grandson a photo of my mobilty scooter I got a "wow", and quite a few pupils have described my rollator as cool.
    Children are great for putting a positive spin on things.
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    Do we conclude that arthritis is cool :? :lol: As long as it's someone else's?
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    :lol::lol: I think he is expecting to hitch a lift now and then..my GD adore my grabbers..so we bought her one form the £1 shop then she wouldn't move mine..by the way have you seen the mobility scooters that look like motorbikes...you would be super cool.. :lol: