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Saw my gp on tuesday and she has ordered a chest X-ray because i have had a cough for over three weeks ,chest sounded clear and she thinks its viral ,guidelines say if still coughing after three weeks an X-ray is called for.Also on friday next week i have an app at combined gynaecology where hopefully i might get an answer to my kidney saga ,all will be welcome. Mig


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    I once had to have one of those 'over 3 weeks cough' x-rays, mig. I was fine. I'd rather like to know the percentage of people who are. It seems a bit OTT to me.

    All the best for both appointments. I shall be there.
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    Count me in, it's good you are having and Xray, I'm sure it's nothing but it's best to make sure. Getting an answer to the other problem will be good too! DD
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    I had one of those too, and hopefully yours will be OK. I'll be in your pocket, and I hope all goes well.
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    Yes, I will be there XX
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    You know I would normally not hesitate to do pocket duty,but a bit too soon after my hip operation that week.Will think of you.
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    I will be in your pocket Mig, I think its really good that they do these xrays after so many weeks of coughing..I had one but it was done to my sinuses..good luck
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    Thanks all. Mig
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    Count me in Mig. I'm another who had a chest x-ray for a cough. All clear. Hope yours is too.