Cat lovers beware

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Warning to all cat lovers

The Food Standard Agency recommends that if you have a cat or kittens do not feed it Hills Pet Nutrition cat food as it can cause diarrhoea & vomiting leading to dehydration. Due to an error by a supplier the pouches contain high levels of iron. Return for a full refund. The FSA issued the product recall.


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    Oh thanks for that Kath..has you might know we treat next doors cats would hate to make them poorly.. :roll:
  • bubbles
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    Sounds terrible Kath, thanks for the warning, I will post it on FB as well, so as many people can see it as possible. XX Aidan
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    Kath thank you for the heads up :shock: I too will spread the word :?


    Toni xx
  • Kitty
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    OH found it on FB, but as you know, it will only appear on ours and our friends pages, so the more of us pass the word on, the better.
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    Kathleen and O/h
    thank you for seeing this we have dogs.
    and I know this can happen.
    joan xx
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    IM not a cat lover in fact I don't like them much at all but NEVER in this world would I hurt one anyone who does this should be punished.Look after your pets. Mig
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    We don't feed ours Hills but will add it to my Facebook as I know several cat owners! My 2 are soooo fussy! They only eat Felix as good as it looks wet food and it has to be only meat, they hate fish! They get half a pouch each at night. And only eat Go cat dry food!! And Dreamies treats, talk about spoilt cats!!
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    My cat only eats raw meat - chicken wings are her favourite. I find it quite frightening how often pet foods are contaminated. It's even worse in America